Youth Leadership Center

DHAOL is currently running the "Youth Leadership Center" in Berea. The Center is working to foster Healthy leadership development of the Youth in Lesotho. With our help, Youth gain the skills necessary to develop a positive sense of self and find a community to which they can connect and affirm their place in society. We are collaborating with Ministry of Gender, Youth Sports and Recreation through Berea Youth Resource Center where we are doing this programing. In our Center we offer Peer leadership trainings, College/University and career readiness support, One-on-one career support, Social activities and events, Performing arts programing and many more. We do outreaches to offer career guidance to in school and out of school Youth.

Allyship & Inclusion Program(AIP)

This Program brings together the Allies from different backgrounds to bring attention to the experiences of marginalized groups(Persons with disabilities and key-populations) when their voices are not being heard. The concept of allyship is the key to fostering not only diverse but truly inclusive communities. Voice and actions are symbiotic in the role of the ally,calling out inappropriate behavior or actively using inclusive language is equally as important as sponsoring the career of a person from an underrepresented community or rolling out a programme of unconscious bias training for your team.Allyship: An ally is someone who supports a community that they are not a part of.Allies to the LGBTQ community and persons with disabilities lift up that community by listening, building relationships, and becoming advocates. DHAOL recognizes allies as powerful voices that can help advance interests of persons with disabilities and key-populations.

Legal Services Program

We provide free legal advice on a wide array of civil legal matters. This program is aimed at promoting basic legal literacy among vulnerable groups and key populations in Lesotho, as well as representation of victims of abuse on Civil Legal matters. DHAOL is already working with Local Government structures that have shown appreciation in working with the CSOs.

Therefore, they usually refer civil cases to DHAOL to help. We have Bi-monthly Law clinic offering free Legal services to vulnerable people and key-populations in Lesotho. We also hold community dialogues and sensitization meetings to inform our target groups about our services.

Counseling Services Program

We offer Individual, Couples, family and group counseling programs and services in a safe and supportive environment where people can openly discuss their concerns with professional Counsellors. Our Services include family resource coaching, adoption and foster care support, networking groups, and referral linkages to Ministry of Social Development.

We do not refer only to ministry of social development but also health facilities and other relevant institutions.We use Asset Based Need model in programing on our initiatives.

General & Specific Objectives of (AIP)

Our main objective is to create enabling environment where vulnerable and key-populations have meaningful access to HIVrelated healthcare services and living healthy lives as self-dependent. To advocate for equal access to justice and contribute towards HIV/AIDS initiatives that address discrimination and social exclusion faced by the key population,to strengthen knowledge exchange, cross-learning and networking between Allies and support joint advocacy and solidarity alongside historically marginalized communities, to equip participants with skills and knowledge that will help them to respond to challenges facing vulnerable and key-populations in Lesotho to bring attention to the experiences of marginalized groups when their voices are not being heard,